Greenlight Games Hit Go on Latest Project

Indie Studio get Funding for Up-and-Coming Game

Indie games studio Greenlight Games is rising to success with yet another achievement under its belt. New talent development programme funded by the UK government – Tranzfuser, have deemed Greenlight Games a successful applicant in this year’s competition, granting them a £5,000 budget to begin developing the prototype of their newest game.

The studio, run by award winning entrepreneur Dean Day, has taken off over the past year, having created four mobile games available on Google and android, with their most popular game, Deul, now reaching over 250,000 downloads.

All successful applicants of Tranzfuser will reconvene at the end of a ten week span for a grand showcase where selected teams will be invited to pitch for extended funding of up to £25k from the UK Games Fund in a bid to market and launch the game on a larger scale.

Award winning entrepreneur and CEO of the studio Dean Day said “I applied for Transfuser with just an idea, the fact that they believe it has great potential proves that it’s something we must do. I’ve got a brand new team for this project and we’re all very excited to get started. The funding will allow us to make a great prototype that may get developed in to a full game.”

Following the good news, the team will begin work immediately on their latest project – Colonise. Colonise is a decision based, episodic, real time strategy game that the studio are bringing to PC and hoping to put on Steam for sale.

        The Colonise team from left to right: Dean Day Rob Hurley, Rochelle Fennell and Austen Dawson.

        The Colonise team from left to right: Dean Day Rob Hurley, Rochelle Fennell and Austen Dawson.

The four part team which are made up of University of Greenwich graduates from the past two years include Austen Dawson, Rob Hurley and Rochelle Fennell as well as founder, Dean Day. Dean has been passionate about offering recent graduates and students work experience in the games industry since launching his programme Green Jamwich which is set to run across the UK this year.

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