10 Strange Businesses That Prove Anything Is Possible

Had a quirky business idea lately? Don’t think anyone would buy it? Well, think again. If you can think it, you can make it happen. These strange businesses are proof of that.


Potato Parcel

For only $9.99 you can send your very own personal message to someone on the front (or back depending on how you look at it) of a potato. Yes, I’m serious. All that for only $9.99.



Cuddle Party

Celebrating their 13th year, adults have been partaking in cuddle parties for a long time now! Describing the party as a “playful, social event designed for adults to explore communication, boundaries and affection”, adults are encouraged to meet new people who they quite literally just cuddle. And yes, people pay for this privilege.



Line Standing Service

Don’t fancy standing in those long queues this Christmas? Then pay someone to do it for you! With this line standing service you never have to wait in those annoying queues again. Now, that is something I would consider paying for!



Fantasy Dating Game

Created by Suzanne Casamento, the Fantasy Dating Game allows women to ‘earn points’ as they flirt with men in coffee shops, give their number to a cute guy they met in the park, or by actually going out on real dates.

Suzanne created the site as she was fed up of hearing about her girlfriends failing love lives, and their excuses for not talking to men and taking more chances. She hopes her site empowers women to gain confidence with dating and take charge of their own love lives.



Cheese Sculpting Business

Sarah Kaufmann — more commonly known as “The Cheese Lady” — has turned her sculpting skills into a creative business revolving around creating large cheese sculptures. Although you may be wondering when anybody could possibly need a giant sculpture made of cheese, the business is proving to be extremely popular — with many of her orders coming from wine and cheese festivals, parties, state fairs and many national sporting events.




Let’s face it, we all know someone who could probably do with putting on an extra load of washing or jumping in the shower every day. But, unless you are brave or just down right rude, no one ever has the confidence to tell them that the stench of their body odour is taking over the office and putting you off your lunch. Well, now you don’t have to. MyFriendSmells.com takes away all the awkwardness of telling them yourselves, by anonymously sending them a cologne wipe with the message ‘Someone thinks you SMELL BAD’.

I don’t know, still seems a little harsh to me!



The Anger Room

We all get angry from time-to-time. In fact, most of us get angry at some point each day. But when you’re having one of those days where everything is just going the wrong way, ‘The Anger Room’ gives you a place to release your emotions.

The room is filled with old, donated furniture including; Computers, Printers, Mirrors, Tables, Chairs, Sofas and much more for you to destroy. With three packages to choose from including; ‘I need a break’, ‘Lash Out’ and ‘Demolition’, you can release your anger before continuing with your day.

Sounds like a brilliant idea to me.



Reserve a Spot in Heaven

This business literally does what it says on the tin. You pay money and suddenly you have reserved yourself a spot for a life of eternal bliss when the time comes that you are to pass from this earth. Whether you are religious or an atheist, this may not be a bad shout. After all, they promise a 100% money back guarantee — though, I’m not entirely sure how this works!



Mystery Marketplace

The Something Store is actually quite a cool, quirky idea if you want to buy yourself or a loved one a surprise gift. You simply pay $10 and they will send you something. This item will be randomly selected from their vast array of products, and you will have no idea what it is until you open it.

I actually think this is quite a clever idea!




This is my favourite business idea of all. Renting a chicken. Who would do it you ask? Well, who wouldn’t!?

No, in all serious, people who are interested in urban farming can rent-a-chicken for around 6 months, giving them a taste of what it would be like to own their own chickens. They are provided with all the supplies they need to raise the birds, including the portable chicken coop, the feed, food and water dishes — and most importantly, the chickens. The whole process can cost around $350 to do this, but it’s a pretty cheap lesson in whether chicken farming is for you!



So, still feel your idea is stupid? Then, after reading all of those, maybe it is. But maybe that doesn’t matter. Go out there and make your business dream a reality! And in the process, why not apply to our initiative where you could win a prize fund of business products and services worth £50,000 to help you get your crazy idea off the ground. Visit our website: www.youngstartuptalent.co.uk to find out more.