Turning an Idea into a Reality

1. Believe in the power of an idea

Every successful business was born from an idea, a thought or a passion. The key to success really all begins in believing in your idea. Often, our natural reaction to conceiving an idea is to shrug it off or tell ourselves it could be a waste of time to peruse – but how about giving yourself a chance to prove yourself wrong? Take away the self-doubt that we so often impose on ourselves and route for your idea like you would your football team. If you have the drive to make it work then it really could.

2.   Stop talking and make it happen

So now you’re behind your idea, it’s time to move forward.

Think of it like the first time you went swimming. What if you spent all your time sitting on the edge, worrying whether you would sink or swim? We learn as we go, and while it’s great to take a step back and work out how you’re going to tackle a problem, no progress can be made until you really get stuck in. You can explain your idea to as many people as you like but only you know what your vision is. Be strategic, but remember if you hadn’t have jumped in you’d never have learned how to swim.


3. Invest in a notebook

Remember, ideas are what keep your business moving forward instead of standing still. Our minds are working 24/7 and by the end of the day it’s hard to remember what we had for breakfast, let alone all the passing thoughts we had throughout the day. Invest in a fancy notebook to keep in your bag or back pocket so you can jot down all those brainwaves, little or big. Come Friday, have a shuffle through and pick out the best ones – there could be a winner in there. 

If you’re already feeling inspired, take a look at these:

Notebook One

Notebook Two

Notebook Three

Notebook Four


4. Perseverance

Steve Jobs once said “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” He wasn’t wrong. If you endure struggle, it means you’re pushing towards something even it means pushing hard. The secret isn’t in understanding this notion but instead in reminding yourself of it. This is your vision so only you can tell yourself to keep going. Don’t be defeated. 


5. Listen

“There are truths on this side of the Pyrenees, which are falsehoods on the other.” – Blaise Pascal

Learning to listen is one of the hardest challenges many entrepreneurs face. This is your idea, your business and your baby, but listening to feedback is crucial to seeing your business flourish. The greater wealth of perspective, the greater your chances are at growing in the right direction. You can never know everything, so take advice, accept criticism and value opinions.