Sabrina Pearson was crowned East Kent’s winning in September 2015 with her business Illuminame.  The young entrepreneur came to Young Start-up Talent with a concept that involved creating personalized desk lights that could take the shape of any word that the customer chose, which would sit on a thin rectangular base housing LED bulbs. Working alongside one of Young Start-up Talents loyal sponsors, Fastsigns, Sabrina was able to produce a fully working prototype helping to highlight the businesses potential.

Since winning the initiative, Sabrina was able to secure a manufacturer for her product whilst on holiday in Hastings. She has used the prize fund to it’s full potential, enabling her to finish her product and created a brand new website. Sabrina has also used her contacts gained from the initiative to continue to network, which has led to a number of orders for purchase, ranging from children’s names in lights to corporate customers – including one business owner asking her to create a light for their shop front window.

Sabrina praises the Young Start-up Talent initiative, stating that without it “she wouldn’t have a business”. She also explained how she would never have known who to contact, let alone how to get her prototype made. Moving forward, Sabrina aims to continue her main focus around personalized products, but is also hoping to expand on her products by creating a standard range that can be placed in any home around the United Kingdom.

To find out more about Sabrina Pearson and Illuminame, or to place an order, please visit: