Brighton WINNER | 2014


Natalie Evans won the initiative for Brighton back in 2014, when she was only 24 years old. Her company ‘42Juice’, which produces fresh, organic juices made of 100% raw, cold-pressed fresh fruit and vegetables that provide instant nutrients and vitamins. 42Juice also offers a range of detox packages designed to cleanse the body.

After impressing the judges with both her extensive knowledge and business acumen, Natalie sailed through to the finals, and was crowned the winner for 2014.  Since then, Natalie has received a lot of publicity, in particular from the Sunday Times, which led to a local Brighton personality to invest into her business. This enabled Natalie to open her first shop in The Lanes, Brighton in October 2014 and she has since opened her first cocktail juice bar in Hove in late 2015.

Natalie is now planning to focus more on the health and well-being market, by offering other types of products and services, which will promote the natural healing of the body. She also plans to continue to expand her business across London.

To find out more about 42Juice and all Natalie’s future ventures, please visit: