Young Start-up Talent celebrated its fourth Gatwick Diamond winner in 2014, with Henry Rogers, a 16 year old blacksmith, won the initiative with his business ‘Hot Iron’.  The talented young blacksmith is able to produce a variety of bespoke items from metal using his extraordinary skills, including jewellery, candlesticks, wall hangings, heart hooks, gates, fireplaces and log ends along with many other bespoke creations.

Since winning the initiative, Henry has utilised his prize fund to it’s full potential, finding it an incredible tool to network with business professionals. Henry has also attended a four-day ‘International Symposium of the Forge’ held in Normandy, France, where he was one of only four Blacksmiths invited from the UK to display his professional skills.

Henry has had brilliant success in the years following his success in the Young Start-up Talent competition, and we would like to wish him all the best with his continued success. His continued enthusiasm, passion and knowledge for his business is inspiring for many young entrepreneurs.

To find out more about Hot Iron and what Henry is up to now, please visit: www.hotfe.co.uk