"Kent is a key part of the Young Start-up calendar. It is a key region for us, and for the UK as a whole. The calibre of this year's entrants was phenomenal" - Rob Nunn, Director of YST

As the success of Young Start-up Talent Gatwick continued to grow, the initiative branched out in 2012 to include the West Kent region. Since then, the project has seen a great diversity of businesses and young entrepreneurs hoping to make their business ideas a reality, leading to the launch of the East Kent region in 2013. This year, in 2016, the two regions combined to become known as Young Start-up Talent Kent.

The quality of the candidates this year has been extraordinary, including businesses such as bespoke jewellery and accessories made from upcycled coins and other materials, a travel company focused around creating tailor made holiday bookings for busy individuals, and the winner, Influencer, a company focused on connecting global brands with famous individuals from social media to help them market their products.